Sunday Morning Services: 9 AM and 11 AM

Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7 PM; Doors Open at 6 PM

Thursday Noon-day Bible Study: 12 PM

Agape Worship Center International in a Local Church in Columbia, SC

(803) 454-2373

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Bible Study in Columbia, SC

Discover how the Bible is relevant to your life at AWCI’s Bible study in Columbia, SC. We invite members of our congregation or the wider community to attend. Our meetings are friendly and welcoming, and you don’t need previous knowledge about the Bible to attend. We meet for Wednesday night Bible study at 7:00 PM -- with doors opening at 6:00 -- and for Thursday Bible study at noon. 

Explore the Word of God

Our Bible study sessions offer the chance to explore scripture as it is written in the Holy Bible and discuss how we can apply His Word to our own lives. At each session, we talk about a particular passage or topic and reflect on its meaning. At AWCI, we believe in the verbal inspiration of the Bible. That means that every word in the Bible is inspired directly by God, and therefore the Bible is the Word of God. By reading it closely, we can deepen our Christian faith, learn what God asks of us, and gain new perspective on our own lives. You can also learn more by watching our pastor’s sermons online.

A Supportive Group

Many Christians are hesitant to read scripture on their own. They may feel as though they lack the necessary education to understand the Bible and so wait until the Sunday sermon to engage with scripture. But you don’t need a degree in theology to gain valuable insight from God’s Word -- you don’t even need to be a Christian. Our Bible study sessions are a great way to overcome anxiety about reading the Bible and dive into scripture in a supportive environment. You’ll meet other people who have found comfort, inspiration, and guidance in scripture. For some people, a Bible study group may be the first step on their journey to Christ; for others, it may be a way to reconnect with the foundation of their faith.

We are a Christian community that is dedicated to love, acceptance, and forgiveness. No matter why you come, you will be welcomed and your voice will be respected. Many people make lifelong friends at our Bible study sessions. You are welcome to bring friends and family members along, or begin coming to our regular church services.

Open to Everyone

Our Bible study sessions are open to people of all ages and all walks of life. It’s never too late to start reading the Bible. One of Christ’s most important messages is that salvation is for everyone, no matter what sort of life you have lived.

Contact us to find out about upcoming Bible study sessions. All meetings take place at our church in Columbia, SC.